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Proverbs for Life: Now and Then

January 1, 2021

I grew up in a Christian home in the 1980’s and 90’s, and our home could have had wheels for the amount of times it moved from city to city and state to state. My parents, who are self described born again believers, prioritized the importance of becoming involved with a local church in every town we lived. There was quite a variety to choose from. At times we were a part of Baptist communities, Assemblies of God congregations, we visited Methodist services, Catholic services, and most of the time were part of Independent Charismatic congregations. These fellowships were small and felt homegrown with enough congregants that you may not know each and every person present but small enough that you could not get lost in the crowd.

A common thread that linked most of these communities was an emphasis to be actively growing in your faith by having daily quiet time reading the Bible and praying. 

Imagine growing up before the internet, i-phones, and social media, there was time. Being the new kid, unsure and learning how to make new friends my relationship with God was a present and real comfort to me. It went with me. What I read and what people said about the nature of God, at His core, did not change from place to place or person to person. There were some variations and some differences in flavor profile from church to church. What was important for me at the time was that God loved me. He knew where I was and cared about that place. I was and still am sold on the belief, and therefore have done my share of “quiet times”.

My Favorite

It is probably due to Proverbs simplicity or perhaps the brevity of each passage but, for whatever reason, I found myself most often at the center of the Bible, in my most favorite book, Proverbs. As a teen and young adult I relished the idea of sitting at the feet of an ancient advisor and being given the timeless secrets to life, the hidden treasures that most won’t see. I particularly liked the idea that wisdom is personified as a woman and that what she has to say is of value.

Now as a more “seasoned” adult who is a wife, mother, mental health therapist, I am often reminded of the small nuggets of wisdom that were planted in my being during those early years. I am delighted by the timeless application and relevance that the Biblical Proverbs still hold.

It is my desire to share with you some of my favorites and detail the ways in which I believe that they are as true and important today as they were when they were written by the Israeli King Solomon who reigned in 970 to 931 BCE. It is also understood that they were compiled by the men of King Hezekiah in the years between 715 to 687 BC. Then they were added to by Agur, (possibly Soloman’s servant) and King Lemuel, who chronicled his mother’s advise in chapter 31. Because there is no clear genealogy found of a King Lemuel, some scholars believe that he may be King Solomon himself. What we do know is that the book was a composite written and collected over many years; many years but centuries ago.

Truth is timeless and can transcend centuries. I hope to inspire you to love this book as much as I do and come to know the source of it’s wisdom as well.


The NIV Holy Bible Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs at

Who was Agur son of Jakeh (Proverbs 30)? at

Who was King Lemuel in the Bible? at

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2020

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informational entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.